Tracy says she believes her sister, Shelly’s, boyfriend may have sexually abused Shelly’s two granddaughters, whom she is raising as her own children. Shelly and her boyfriend, Jason, vehemently deny the allegations and claim the girls’ mother, Roxy, has coached the girls to lie in hopes of regaining custody. Was there actually abuse, or just twisted lies?

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A Family Divided

Tracy says she's desperate for her sister, Shelly, to dump her "deadbeat" boyfriend, Jason, who Tracy believes may have sexually abused Shelly's granddaughters, ages 7 and 9. Tracy says while the girls were staying with her over Christmas break, they told her Jason was touching them. "This is the second time the girls have accused Jason of touching them," she says. "The oldest told me Shelly knew about the abuse, and she didn't do anything about it." Tracy contacted CPS and says Shelly has been "hateful" toward her ever since. "My sister is totally in denial," she says.

Jason admits he has done some things he's not proud of — including emotionally cheating on Shelly and drinking too much — but insists the allegations of abuse are flat out lies. "I am not a child molester," he says. "It makes me feel angry, brokenhearted, frustrated, to be accused of this."

Shelly also insists the allegations are false. She says the girls came to her with accusations against Jason in October, and she contacted police right away. "During the investigation, the social worker did believe the girls were being told to lie and being coached," Shelly says. She and Jason say they believe Shelly's daughter, Roxy, is behind all the allegations. They claim she has bribed the girls to lie by promising them a pony.

"Jason can rot in hell," Roxy says. She say she believes her daughters were abused and insists they have no reason to lie. "My mom is saying I'm telling the girls to say Jason touched them because I promised them a pony, and a house and everything," she says. "I never said that."

  Dr. Phil has some tough questions for Jason — and for Shelly. "You should be the defender of your children, not your ego."

"Why are you so certain they are being molested by this man?" Dr. Phil asks Roxy.

Do journal entries from Roxy's 7-year-old daughter reveal anything?

Tune in to hear from Shelly's 16-year-old son. What does he say the girls told him? Plus, where can this family go from here? Who does Dr. Phil think should have custody?