Christi says she was an Emmy-winning TV news reporter at the top of her career, but now her struggle with alcohol has left her jobless, sleeping in bushes and estranged from her two adult daughters, Heather and Haleigh. Christi faces her daughters for the first time in more than two years. Is she really ready to get clean? And, are they willing to give her another chance?

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Road to Ruin

Christi says she went from being a three-time Emmy-winning TV news reporter living in a 4000-square-foot home to having no job, no place to stay and no contact with her daughters. She says her downward spiral began in 2010, when she became addicted to Oxycodone after a car accident. She went to rehab and says she hasn't touched pills in years but admits she now drinks heavily three or four nights a week. "The reason I drink is loneliness," she says. "It's because there is such a deep love between my daughters and I [that has been] severed that I drink so much."

Heather, 22, says her mom is a "con artist" and she wrote her off long ago. "When I was 16, I knew my mom had a drinking problem," she says. "When my mom was drinking or using, she would get angry and abusive." Heather claims Christi actually had her buy drugs for her several times. "There were times when I had to use my own money to buy drugs or pay the bills," she says.

Haleigh, 20, says she realized there was a big problem the first time they got evicted, when she was 15. "I was informed by my aunt and sister that my mom had a problem this whole time, and she was in rehab," Haleigh recalls. She says after that, life became very chaotic. "I wasn't focused on school," she says. "I was focused on, 'Where am I sleeping?' or 'Where is my mom?'"

"Have you been drinking today?" And, why was Christi recently arrested?

Christi faces her daughters. And, Dr. Phil gets tough: "I'm waiting for somebody to get real here, because I ain't buying this."

Hear about a disturbing incident two years ago, when Heather and Haleigh say Christi faked a suicide. "Who does that to their daughters?" Dr. Phil asks.

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice for the family — and offer of help for Christi. Is she really ready to change? And, are Heather and Haleigh willing to give her another chance?

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