Michelle, 23, says her family thinks she is attending a prestigious university and working a retail job. But in reality, she says she is making a living as a sugar baby — a young woman who dates older men and is pampered with money and perks. Michelle says she has received more than $80,000 in cash, lavish gifts and trips — and she says she believes it’s an honest living, because she doesn’t sleep with men for money. When Michelle reveals her secret to her brother and father, how will they react? And, Michelle says she hopes to become an attorney one day — could her sugar baby lifestyle affect her career aspirations?

Plus, a few months ago, Ashley revealed to her then-fiancé, Cesar, that she had been a sugar baby throughout their engagement — did he call off the wedding? Tune in to learn the surprising twist that happened after the show!

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A Secret Revealed

Michelle says she's currently taking the semester off from school and admits that, for the past three years, she secretly has been making a living as a sugar baby — which she calls "the best job in the world." Although she has yet to tell her family, she says she's not ashamed of her decision.

“I became a sugar baby because my financial needs were not being met by working a retail job, and I figured, ‘Hey, why not? I have nothing to lose and everything to gain,’” she says.

Still, she grows defensive when people compare her to a prostitute. "I have a strict no-sex policy," she insists. She tells her critics, "If you don't like it, I think you should mind your own business."

Michelle has been estranged from her brother, Mike, for the past seven months — due to an argument over a car. She says she would like to reveal her secret to him and their father, Sergio. How will they take the news?

“Maybe you just need to lower your financial needs.” 

Does Michelle say that there can be exceptions to her "strict, no-sex" policy?

After bickering about the car, Michelle comes clean to her brother about her lifestyle.

Tune in to see how Michelle's father reacts when she reveals her secret. Plus, don't miss a surprising update on Ashley and Cesar!