Eighteen-year-old video blogger Romina sparked outrage after she made a video telling her many social media followers that if their boyfriend hits them, it’s a “sign of love.” Romina says she’s a role model to her 153,000 fans — but does she realize the danger of the message she’s sending? And, after hearing a domestic violence survivor’s harrowing story, will she change her mind?

Then, Jessica, 26, made headlines in 2011 when she accused an ex-boyfriend of abusing her, stalking her and even setting fire to her mother’s house. But then, Jessica admitted she fabricated evidence and even confessed to starting the fire — though she now claims her confession was coerced. After spending a year behind bars for public mischief and criminal harassment, Jessica is speaking out. Plus, while in prison, Jessica says she fell in love with a convicted torturer, who is currently serving an indefinite sentence. How can she learn to make better choices in men?

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A Dangerous Message

In just 48 hours, Romina's controversial online video — telling young girls to stay with their abusive boyfriends — received two million views, and it has since gained more than five million. She says she has suffered backlash as a result, and she feels misunderstood. “He could’ve gone to jail,” she says. “Not just anyone is going to go to jail for you.” She adds, “He must really care.”

Dr. Phil responds to Romina’s reasoning. “Your logic is flawed at so many levels.”

Tune in to hear
from Nancy, who says an abusive partner doused her with gasoline and set her on fire when she was 19. Will her story cause Romina to have a change of heart?

Framed Her Ex?

Jessica, 26, was released from prison in December 2014 and says she’s not responsible for 90-percent of the accusations against her — including starting the fire at her mother's house, which she confessed to during a police interrogation. “I did mislead police officers by having applications on my iPhone,” she says. “And I did intentionally mislead them by leaving one typed letter on my vehicle, at my place of work, and then saying that my ex-boyfriend was responsible when he, in fact, was not.” She claims her arson confession was coerced and says, “I want to clear my name and my reputation.”

“It was such a desperate situation.”

Hear a transcript from Jessica’s police interrogation. How does she explain her confession?

Jessica admits that while in prison, she fell in love with a convicted torturer. Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's relationship advice — can she learn to make better choices in men?

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