Alyssa and Steve say their daughter, Paige, had a promising future until she turned 18 and met Brandon, who they believe taught her how to shoot black tar heroin and led her down a dark and dangerous path.

The parents say Paige, 21, is now a full-fledged addict, living with Brandon, 27, in a motel, working as a “sugar baby” to get money for drugs and shooting up several times a day. They say she has failed nine attempts at rehab and sobriety and has overdosed 16 times — and they fear they could lose her forever.

Alyssa and Steve say they’ve tried to get Paige away from her controlling “loser” boyfriend, but she always runs back to him and starts using again. Are Alyssa and Steve enabling their daughter’s dangerous lifestyle? And, will Paige and Brandon accept Dr. Phil’s help — and his one big condition?

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“Hopeless and Dire”

“Paige has overdosed 16 times," Alyssa says. "After Paige got addicted to heroin, things started to spin out of control. Paige has been arrested for possession of marijuana two times. She’s had a DUI. Paige has been arrested for having drug paraphernalia. Paige and Brandon have been arrested for the burglary of a pizza delivery guy.”

“My daughter is currently living in a motel with Brandon and another young lady that used to be Brandon’s girlfriend,” Steve says. “Brandon is a bastard. I’d like to throttle and kick his ass.”

Dr. Phil questions Alyssa and Steve about their readiness to intervene with their daughter.

Dr. Phil gives Paige’s parents a glimpse into her daily life. “Let me warn you. This is not pretty.”

Breaking Up to Save Their Lives

Brandon opens up and says he wants to see Paige succeed in life and that if it takes him leaving her life forever, he’s willing to do that. “Her being around me is 100 percent the reason why she is the way she is today,” he admits.

Dr. Phil tells Paige, “If he cares about you at all, he will tell you straight up what he is just discovering at this point, and that is you need to get out of his life and never see him again, ever, for the rest of his life. You cannot see him and live, it is just that simple. And if he cares about you, he will make certain that happens.”

Dr. Phil puts Brandon to the test. Will he break up with Paige in order to get help?

Tune in to see if Paige accepts Dr. Phil’s offer of help.

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