In August 2009, Penny’s 40-year-old sister, Shannon, was the victim of a homicide, and the case remains unsolved. Penny faces her father, Ted, for the first time in two years and drops a bombshell: She believes he hired a hitman to kill Shannon. Ted vehemently denies having anything to do with Shannon’s death — how will he react to Penny’s accusation?

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An Unsolved Murder

Penny says the only opinion she and her father, Ted, share about her sister, Shannon’s, death in August 2009 is that it was not an accident, like investigators first thought. She says a few days after Shannon was found dead inside her crashed SUV, the case became a homicide.

Ted suspects someone in the community killed Shannon, a successful businesswoman, and staged the crash as a cover-up — but Penny says she has a "gut feeling" that Ted was involved, and she wants to confront him.

Ted admits his relationship with Shannon was rocky at the time, but he vehemently denies having anything to do with his daughter's death. “There was a lawsuit, and Shannon included me in it,” he explains. “She was always having her attorney send me letters and threatening me.” He continues, “Just because we were in a feud, I would not kill my daughter.”

Penny explains what happened when she found out her sister was dead. And, why does she say she believes her father may have been involved?

Penny faces her father for the first time in two years and drops a bombshell accusation. How will he respond?

Tune in to hear details of Shannon's will. What does it reveal? Plus, is there any hope for repairing Penny's relationship with her father?