Mike and Vicki say their son, Ryan, was once making millions, but now he is living in their garage, on their dime, along with his younger girlfriend. Ryan admits things are chaotic in his life but says his parents are partly to blame for his current situation. Is he ready to step up to the plate and work toward living on his own?

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"Freeloading" Son

Mike and Vicki say their 37-year-old son, Ryan, was once making millions running a real estate company, but for the past several years, they have been supporting him — which has forced Mike out of retirement. Three months ago, Ryan moved into their garage, along with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Rachel. The parents say Ryan is a "freeloader" who sleeps all day, acts entitled and picks fights. "Ryan is demanding," Mike says. "My fear is that Ryan will suck the life out of us."

"I've probably asked Ryan to move out 100 times," Vicki says. "Life with Ryan is extremely chaotic and stressful — never knowing what he's going to say or do next."

Ryan says he doesn't want to be living in the garage, but he feels his parents owe it to him, because he blames them, in part, for his business failing. Ryan claims things went south after Vicki took over his bookkeeping in 2007. "My mom cut me off at the knees," he says. "She started overriding my decisions, questioning things I wanted done."

"It was your company. Doesn't the buck stop with you?"

Hear from Rachel — why doesn't she get along with Vicki? Plus, why isn't Ryan working now?

Full House

Mike and Vicki say they are supporting more than just Ryan and Rachel. There can be up to eight family members staying at their house, eating their food and using their things — including Ryan's two sons, 5 and 16, from previous relationships.

"There are no victims, only volunteers. If you continue to subject yourself to this, you're volunteering for it."

Are Mike and Vicki ready to reclaim their home — and their lives? And, how can Ryan get back on track? Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's plan! 

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