Brenda says she is desperate to break up her 27-year-old son, Chris, and his 25-year-old fiancée, Tabatha, who Brenda has referred to as "lowdown trash" and a bad influence. But Chris says he loves Tabatha and that nothing, including his “controlling” mother, will break them apart. Is Brenda meddling too much in her son’s life? Does she have reason for concern?

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Mom vs. Fiancée

Brenda says her 27-year-old son, Chris, struggled with drugs but was back on track and working a $100,000-a-year-job — until he met his fiancée, Tabatha, two years ago. Now, Brenda says Chris is homeless and living in the woods, drinking and has been arrested twice — and she blames Tabatha. "He has lost everything, and we are estranged as a family," she says. "I would like Chris to end this relationship with Tabatha immediately and get the help he needs."

Chris says he and Tabatha are "like Romeo and Juliet." "I come from money, a great family, whereas she comes from the opposite and lived on the streets her whole life," he explains. Chris says Tabatha is an amazing person who has overcome a lot, and he wants Brenda to give her a chance.

"I feel like Miss Brenda is a little hoity toity," Tabatha says. "She doesn’t approve of us being together, and I think it’s because of where I come from. My family doesn't come from money." Tabatha says Brenda is "like a bulldog" and always wants things her way, but she isn't going to break this couple up. "It's us against the world," Tabatha says.

"You say, 'This is my guiding light in life.' But she has guided you right into the forest."

Emotions run high between Brenda and Tabatha. Plus, what does Chris' stepfather, Phil, say about the relationship?

Brenda says she is worried Tabatha and Chris are trying to have a baby. Are they really ready to care for a child?

Are Chris and Tabatha sober? Plus, Dr. Phil weighs in: Is Brenda meddling too much in her son's life? And, should Tabatha and Chris split up?

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