Mary’s 30-year-old daughter, Lynn, claims to be suffering from numerous medical conditions, including stomach cancer, serious heart disease, uterine cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments — but Mary believes it’s all lies, concocted to gain money and attention.

Mary says she has found no evidence of her daughter’s health conditions and was horrified to learn that Lynn had created a crowdfunding website, asking for donations for medical expenses.

Lynn insists she’s gravely ill and says it sickens her even more that her mother doesn’t believe her. The mother and daughter face each other for the first time in a year on Dr. Phil’s stage. Dr. Phil reviews Lynn’s medical records — how does she explain the inconsistencies?

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Mary says she simply wants her daughter Lynn to come clean.

Dr. Phil questions Lynn about the crowdfunding page she created.

Lynn says she has serious trouble believing Dr. Phil's assertions that based on her medical records she doesn't have cancer.

"You know that none of this makes sense."

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