Dr. Phil tackles one of the most dangerous trends affecting young adults today — cyberbullying.

Kalista, 20, claims she has been virtually assaulted for almost two years by Taylor, 20, a girl who Kalista says loves to attack people when they’re at their lowest point. Kalista says Taylor has posted photos of her online and written lies that she does drugs, is a stripper and a prostitute.

Kalista says she’s not the only victim of Taylor’s alleged bullying — Shelby, 22, and Shayna, 21, say they also have been targeted — and she’s worried someone may be pushed too far. How do they say Taylor’s alleged actions have affected them?

Taylor admits she has made nasty comments — why does she say she was only defending herself? Dr. Phil brings all parties together to try to end the hostility. Are these young women ready to unplug and end the animosity? Plus, hear from the mother of a 12-year-old girl who tragically ended her own life after being cyberbullied. Will her story make an impact?

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Attacked on Social Media

“Taylor has bullied me about my appearance, she has bad mouthed me about being a mother and has called me names,” Kalista says. She says Taylor took a photo of her, manipulated it and said derogatory things about her online. Kalista claims she tried to “kill her with kindness” but it didn’t work, so she deleted her Facebook account.
“I would’ve never said something like that unless she had attacked me first,” Taylor maintains.

Kalista says Taylor has attacked her friends as well, when they’ve been at their lowest point. “It’s getting so serious that someone could take their own life or try and take hers,” she says.

Shelby says she’s been a victim of Taylor’s alleged bullying as well. “The absolute worst thing that Taylor has said to me on social media is that I took a pill to kill my baby, which is not true at all. She passed away when I was 35 weeks along due to preeclampsia. I just think it’s absolutely absurd that she’d put down somebody when she’s a mother herself,” Shelby says.

“I had to attack because I was being attacked,” Taylor says.

Shayna says that after seeing how Taylor attacked her friend online, she made it her mission to give Taylor a taste of her own medicine. She started a fake Facebook page in Taylor’s image, called The Official I Hate Taylor Horseface Page. After the page was removed by Facebook, Shayna turned her own profile into a page that mocked Taylor. “I wanted to victimize her the way she victimized other people. She needs to understand that what she does is wrong,” Shayna says.

How does Taylor explain her actions?

Dr. Phil issues a warning for Taylor and Shayna. “You may think you’re sitting on your couch throwing a tantrum, but you’ve created a record that doesn’t go away.”

Dr. Phil plays a message from another alleged victim of Taylor’s cruel words. Will it make an impact? 

Dr. Phil tells Taylor, “The more you know with clarity who you are, the less vulnerable you are to what other people say and think about you. And the most important relationship you’re ever going to have in your life is the one you have with yourself.”

He tells his viewers, “We all need to think about what we write down when we get behind that keyboard, because there’s a human being on the other end.”

Tune in to see what Taylor’s mom, Stephanie, has to say about her daughter.

Plus, the mother of 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick, a girl who tragically took her life after being bullied on social media, shares her story. Don’t miss her heartfelt message for Dr. Phil’s guests.

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