Sisters Devin, 24, Riley, 18, and Autumn, 16, say their mother, Linda, has a drinking problem, and it is destroying their family. They say she is always drunk, belligerent and abusive.

Linda’s husband, Scott, says Linda has become a burden on their family.

Linda admits she’s an alcoholic who sometimes drinks as much as 18 beers a day, along with vodka and taking prescription medications but says she shouldn’t be the only one in the hot seat — she says Scott has a drinking problem, too. How does Scott respond? Dr. Phil offers tools to help repair this broken family. Will Linda accept help? And, will Linda’s daughters give her one more chance?

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Out-of-Control Mom?

“My mom’s an alcoholic, and it’s really gotten out of hand. My mom drinks every day, all day,” says 16-year-old Autumn.

“My mom’s drinking has spiraled so far out of control, I’m not sure I can even have a relationship with her anymore,” says Riley, 18.

“I feel disgusted by my mother,” says Devin, 24.

Autumn says their mother is a “mean drunk” who hides various drinks around the house — in the kitchen and bathroom cupboards.

Devin says her sisters are so angry at their mother that they have gotten physical with her. “I witnessed Autumn choke my mother and Riley punch my mother,” Devin says.

Linda’s husband, Scott, says his wife has become a burden. “I feel more like her caretaker than her husband. Linda’s drinking is destroying my family,” he says. “My wife is not a role model to my daughters at all. She’s a non-functioning person. She’s more like their roommate who will occasionally make them something to eat." He continues, “The marriage is in a complete shambles. We’re roommates who don’t like each other … At this point in our marriage, she’s my cross to bear.”

“I am absolutely, without a doubt, an alcoholic. I drink way too much,” Linda admits. “I can easily drink nine 24-ounce beers. That would be like drinking 18 beers for a regular human being. I have driven after I’ve been drinking with the kids in the car ... There are times I do choose beer over them. The kids yell at me. I know what I’m doing is wrong, and they’re right … I’ve not been a great mother. I’ve never abused them, and I have not put them in harm’s way … I continue to drink even though I know it can kill me. It’s what I use to get through the day when it gets bad, bad, bad. And most of the time lately, it’s been bad, bad, bad. Beer is my friend right now.”

Dr. Phil questions Linda’s statement that she’s never been abusive with her children or put them in harm’s way.


Does Scott have a drinking problem as well?


Dr. Phil gives Scott a wake-up call when he shares his experience with an alcoholic parent.


Tune in to see Dr. Phil’s offer of help for both Linda and Scott. Will they accept?

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