Whitney and her ex-boyfriend, Todd, are embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their 4-year-old daughter. Whitney claims Todd is an unfit father and addicted to drugs — but Todd denies the accusations and says Whitney is just bitter because he cheated on her. Can these exes put their differences aside and move forward in the best interests of their daughter?

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Custody Clash

Whitney says after three months of dating Todd, she found out she was pregnant — and immediately stopped drinking and partying. Todd admits he did not. “I continued to go out with my friends,” he says. “I was snorting pain medication and drinking.”

“He’s an addict,” Whitney says, adding that the problems continued even after their now 4-year-old daughter was born. “While he was taking care of our daughter, he was drinking and taking drugs,” she says.

Todd denies being an addict and says he's a good father and claims Whitney is just trying to stir drama. “Whitney tries to make me look crazy, but she’s the crazy one,” he says, adding that he filed for joint custody because he felt it was his only option.

Whitney’s mom, Carole — who is the court-approved supervisor for Todd’s visits — echoes her daughter's belief that Todd is an unfit father. “The fact that he would even dare to ask for joint custody disgusts me,” she says. “I feel that Todd is a drug addict, and I do not trust him.” She adds, “Until Todd decides to take care of his problems, there’s going to be a custody battle, because I don’t want him around my granddaughter.”

What does Whitney say she caught Todd doing that she claims put their daughter in serious danger?

Carole explains why she set up a hidden camera in her bathroom. And, Todd responds to Whitney's claim that he taught their daughter to crush her candy.

Why are Todd's parents divided over his current abilities as a father?

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice to Whitney and Todd. Can they learn to peacefully co-parent?