Jodie says ever since her husband, Edwin, won $1.66 million in a lottery pool, he has become angry, distant and secretive — and their marriage has gone downhill fast. Edwin says he thinks Jodie is only with him for the money. Can this relationship be saved?

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Marriage on the Brink

“Winning the lottery changed our lives for the worse,” Jodie says. She says after her husband, Edwin’s win, he made big purchases without her input, like three trucks, a snowmobile and a motorhome. “He thought it was his money, and no one was going to tell him what to do with it. I just wanted to be part of the decisions he was making,” she says. “The only thing that I really requested is that we purchase a home. He transferred $500,000 into my account. From that point on, he stopped paying for anything. All bills became my responsibility.”

Jodie claims when Edwin found out she spent $80,000, he became livid and paranoid. “He would say, ‘You’re not entitled to anything.’ Edwin has made tons of threats to divorce,” she says. Jodie says it was during one fight that Edwin told her there was only $50,000 left of his winnings. “He said he just gave it away. He was tired of having it. I found out he paid for his brother’s house. I couldn’t believe he would just hand over half a million dollars and put it under somebody else’s name. I absolutely think he got rid of the money so I wouldn’t have any access to it.”

“When I won the lottery, she was more excited than me. I think that’s why she’s with me. She has money signs in her eyes,”  Edwin says. “She has no concept of the value of a dollar. She is obsessed with money. I gave her $500,000 to buy the house. There was so much money gone. She couldn’t, to this day, explain it to me where it went. I can pinpoint where my winnings went. When I won the lottery, I thought it belonged all to me. I thought I could spend it how I want, without asking for permission.”

He continues, “Jodie and I had issues before I won the lottery. We fight about three, four times a week. I want to get help to make us better, but I think we’ve just been down a rocky road. I feel there is no hope.”

Jodie says she suspected Edwin was cheating on her, so she looked at his Facebook messages — and saw something that sickened her. How does Edwin respond?

Jodie’s mom, Linda, says Edwin went from the sweetest guy to a downright jerk. She says he used to be an amazing father but now ignores Jodie’s twin girls while lavishing attention on his own daughter. Linda says she hasn’t spoken to Edwin in three weeks, ever since a big fight took place while they were all on vacation.

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“What are you so angry about?”

Tune in to see Dr. Phil’s offer of help to get this marriage back on track. Will they accept?