Caroline and Sonny admit their nearly three-year marriage has been tumultuous — with plenty of fighting and both sides alleging verbal and physical abuse. They say the situation got even worse last June, when the unthinkable happened: Sonny cheated on Caroline with her sister, Ashley, after a night of drinking. Can this marriage be saved?

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A Rocky Relationship

Caroline and Sonny agree that their relationship is volatile, but they point the finger at one another. "During the time that I’ve been with Sonny, the police have been called over 20 times," Caroline claims. She says Sonny once got so angry, he kicked in two doors. Caroline also claims Sonny tackled her to the ground when she was six months pregnant.

"I am not physically abusive to Caroline," Sonny insists. "She'll lose control to where she gets physical and verbal and hits me," he claims, adding that he simply tries to restrain her.

Last year, Caroline's sister, Ashley, moved in with the couple, and that's when they say things went from bad to worse. After a night of drinking last June, Sonny cheated on Caroline with Ashley. But Sonny and Ashley have two very different accounts of what happened.

Sonny claims he and Ashley had consensual sex. "She knew who I was, and she knew what was going on," he says. Ashley claims she was passed out and awoke to a man with her in bed. She says when she realized it was Sonny, she jumped up and ran out. "I was so confused on what happened," she says. "I did feel guilty. I thought it was my fault. Now, I'm coming to the realization that it was him, not me."

Dr. Phil reviews Caroline's version of the timeline of their relationship. "Have you ever heard me say the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior?"

Ashley and Sonny face each other.

Caroline and Sonny grow emotional. "Do you want this marriage to work?" Dr. Phil asks.

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice for Caroline and Sonny. Can this marriage be saved, or has too much damage been done?

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