Brad says he is deadlocked in a bitter custody battle with his ex, Kimberly, who he says is abusive and manipulative and is brainwashing their three children against him. He claims Kimberly hasn't let him see their children in seven months and says the stress of the custody clash — involving courts, cops and child support — has taken a serious toll on his health.

Kimberly says Brad is an unstable, irresponsible “deadbeat loser,” and until he cleans up his act, she can’t allow him to see their kids. She claims Brad smokes pot around the children, has sent a hurtful text to their oldest daughter and does not like Brad’s girlfriend being her children’s step-mother.

Tensions boil over when Brad and Kimberly’s mothers join the conversation. Is there any chance of these two putting aside their differences and learning to peacefully co-parent? Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s words of warning for this family — and anyone involved in a custody battle.

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Custody Battle

“Brad hasn’t seen our kids in seven months,” Kimberly says. “I’m trying to support these kids on my own. He’s not paying child support. I want him to take ownership of that and quit blaming everybody else.”

Kimberly claims Brad has been verbally and physically abusive toward her, and she taken out three restraining orders against him. She also claims he smoked marijuana in front of their children and has sent their 14-year-old daughter angry text messages. “I wish that he could just admit the things that he’s done wrong and accept that he needs to get help for it,” she says.

Brad says, “The mother of my kids is a very hateful person, vindictive, abusive, manipulative and cruel. Kimberly is destroying my life and their childhood.” He claims he sends child support, but it’s never enough.

“I’ve had multiple restraining orders, not because I hit her, not because I hurt the kids — she wanted me out of the house,” Brad says. “She’s not going to be content until she sees me in jail or in the ground.”

Brad admits he smokes pot but claims he never did it around their kids. He says he just wants to see his children. “There’s this huge hole in my heart, and I don’t know how to get through day to day, and I’m trying to get them back.”

How does Brad respond to allegations he smoked marijuana around his children? And, Dr. Phil reviews text messages Brad has sent to his 14-year-old daughter.

Does Kimberly take any ownership in the demise of their relationship?

Brad and Kimberly say even their mothers aren’t getting along. Tune in to hear about a confrontation between Brad and Kimberly’s mothers that only added to this family drama.

Dr. Phil has advice for parents in an ugly custody dispute. “The children are picking up the tab for you running an emotional agenda.”

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