In December 2013, Jori published a book that she says is partly based on true life events — including horrific allegations of abuse that she claims she suffered at the hands of her deceased mother — and it has driven a wedge between her and her siblings, Grant and Dottie. Plus, another major source of contention with the siblings is how their mother died — could she have taken her own life? Emotions run high when the siblings come together on Dr. Phil’s stage. Is there any hope for repairing this family feud?

This program contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.

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A Book of Truth ... or Lies?

Jori says her deceased mother came to her in a vision, sat down with her and told her to write her book, which she refers to as a twisted tale of a psychotically abusive mother and her three children. The beginning of the book carries the following disclaimer: Based on a true story, but I fictionalized characters and events to protect the innocent. Any similarities to people, places and events is purely coincidental. Jori claims at least 75 percent of what she wrote in her book is true.

“My book is primarily about my sister, Dottie, and I and what happened in our childhood,” she says. “My sister, Dottie, and I both suffered emotional and sexual abuse. We were abused by our mother.”

Jori’s brother, Grant, says Jori is "delusional" and wrote "a book of lies” for attention. “I feel like it’s a big slap in the face,” he says. “It bothers me that she wrote a book based on our family, without my permission.” He does, however, agree that their mother suffered from mental illness.

Jori says Grant is seven years younger than her and has a different father, so he was sheltered from most of what she claims happened during their childhood. “He wasn’t even there,” she says.

Dottie echoes Jori’s claim that their mother was abusive and admits she was supportive of the book at first but now has panic attacks because of it. "I feel like my life is in major chaos," she says. "I want to have my life back."

“My mother did really horrible things growing up.”

Grant describes another source of bad blood with Jori. And, did she threaten him into appearing on the show?

Grant and Jori face off. “You’re a liar.”

Tune in to hear from Dottie. Why did she change her mind after initially supporting her sister's book? Can these siblings repair their family feud?