With 15-year-old Alexandra's due date rapidly approaching, Dr. Phil suggests that she explore all of the options for her baby's future, and he asks her to arrange meetings with potential adoptive couples. Also, as the focus remains on Alexandra, her younger sister, Katherine, acts out, causing Dr. Phil to take a closer look.
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Alexandra chooses three couples as candidates to adopt her baby. Each couple has a different story and a different background, but they all have one thing in common: a true desire to be parents.

Meet the couples.

Parents for Her Baby?
Alexandra and her mother, Erin, meet with the three prospective adoptive couples and ask them their most pressing questions. Will sitting down with them help her reach a decision?

Alexandra interviews the couples.
Katherine's Letter
As Alexandra's due date approaches, Katherine is becoming increasingly frustrated with her family and is beginning to act out at home. She talks to Dr. Phil and shares the shocking letter that she sent to him without her parents' knowledge.

See what Dr. Phil says to Katherine.