Marissa, 22, says her family treated her like an outcast during her childhood, turned their backs on her when she was 17 and that she later began working as an escort. Marissa’s family denies rejecting her, but they don’t agree with her controversial lifestyle. How can Marissa get her life back on track and repair her relationship with her family?

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A Broken Family

Robin says at 6 months of age, Marissa came to live with her and her husband, Monte, after Robin’s oldest sister — Marissa’s biological mother — was incarcerated. She says they raised her as one of their own, along with their three biological daughters. “Marissa was welcomed into our family, and we treated her just like the other three.” Robin admits she even spoiled Marissa, because she felt bad that her biological mother was not around. “My heart hurt for her,” she says.

Two of Robin and Monte's biological daughters, Taryn and Cassie, say they considered Marissa a sister, and they had a great childhood together.

“She grew up in a loving home,” Robin says. Monte agrees: “We gave her a wonderful life and everything she could have possibly wanted.”

Marissa, though, disagrees. She claims Robin was a bad mother to her, and she blames her family for her downward spiral. “I was only [Robin's] child when I was on my best behavior,” she says. “When I wasn’t on my best behavior, that’s when I became her niece.” Marissa says she hasn’t seen or spoken to her family in about three years.

“Marissa went from this bubbly little girl to a rebellious teenager.”

“I feel like my family just turned their backs on me because it was easier for them.”

The family grows emotional. And, Dr. Phil addresses Marissa's reality: “We don’t need to dress this up; you’re hookin’.”

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's offer of help to Marissa. Will she accept a chance to turn her life around and repair her family's broken bond?

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