George claims his estranged wife, Rachel, has become an unfit mother and serial cheater who puts boyfriends ahead of her six children. Rachel admits she had one affair during their marriage but claims it happened only after she discovered George had a girlfriend — and she blames him for neglecting her and their family. Can George and Rachel learn to peacefully co-parent?

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Estranged Parents

George claims his estranged wife, Rachel, cheated at least eight times throughout their 15-year marriage, which she denies. He also says she drove him to have an affair eight months ago. “The cheating, the lying, the backstabbing; with a wife like her, who needs an enemy?” he says. 

Rachel blames George for neglecting her and their children. “George is lazy. He never lifted a finger around the house,” she says. “The rest of the time, he was gone — working.” She says George was only present for two of their children’s births, which still upsets her. “He missed an important part of our life together,” she says. “I resent George for not being around.” She says she's ready for divorce. “There’s no coming back for me from this,” she says.

George claims Rachel had sex with another man while her children were nearby. How does Rachel respond?

How does Rachel explain having a man in her home, while her children were there?

Estranged Children

George’s 24-year-old daughter, Chelsea, blames Rachel for tearing the family apart. “All Rachel really cares about is herself and her needs,” she says, adding that she hasn't seen George or her half-siblings in about two years.

George and Rachel’s 18-year-old daughter, Katrina, who is three months pregnant, says she’s done with her parents’ drama — and she’s tired of always taking care of her siblings. “They constantly argue in front of me and the little ones,” she says of her parents. “My mom would leave me with the kids every day, just to go to the bars, because she knows I would babysit them. She’s selfish like that.”

Chelsea joins the conversation. And, Dr. Phil demands the truth: “Somebody is flat-out lying to me.”

Katrina and Rachel grow emotional. And, Dr. Phil asks Rachel: “Are you giving these children melatonin?”

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice and offer of help to this family. Can George and Rachel calm the chaos and learn how to peacefully co-parent?

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