Kristen, 22, says, she feels she was manipulated two years ago into placing her newborn for adoption with her ex-stepfather, Adam, and his new wife, Stacy, who took her into their home while she was pregnant. Kristen says the two promised her she could be involved in the child’s life but claims they kicked her to the curb a week after her daughter was born, and she hasn’t seen the child since. Kristen calls Stacy “evil” and “psycho crazy” — and even says she believes she could have been drugged, because she says she has no recollection of signing the adoption papers.

Adam and Stacy vehemently deny Kristen’s accusations and say she was in no way ready to care for a child — which is why they stepped up. They are adamant they followed the letter of the law and communicated openly with Kristen.

Emotions run high when Dr. Phil brings everyone together in search of answers and a resolution to this adoption drama. Are Adam and Stacy freezing Kristen out? Has she given them reason to? And, is there any hope of fostering peace moving forward? Plus, Kristen is now pregnant again — what are her plans for this baby?

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Kristen explains to Dr. Phil the events leading up to the time she placed her daughter for adoption with her ex-stepfather Adam and his wife Stacy.

"We were helping this young woman before she ever became pregnant."

Dr. Phil to Kristen: "You don't sound conflicted or ambivalent at all about your feelings at the time."

Kristen says she doesn't remember signing any paperwork.

Legal analyst Sunny Hostin weighs in: "What I'm hearing from you is regret. I'm hearing from you remorse."

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  • Sunny Hostin
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