Melisa claims her estranged husband, Chris, is a pathological liar, and she is fed up with his behavior. Chris admits he has a problem with telling the truth and says he wants to change — does he really? With a young child together and a baby on the way, can this marriage be saved?

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A Problem with Lying

"If I could guess how many times Chris has lied to me over five years, you would laugh," Melisa says. She says Chris lies about everything — from small things, like what he had for lunch, to elaborate lies, like posing as an airline pilot so he could view a luxury home. "Another lie was when he got fired," she says. "This was his most recent job. There was a period when I didn't even know. He was gone all day, hanging out at the grocery store."

In addition to lying, Melisa says Chris has struggled to hold down a job, and she claims he has resorted to stealing from her. Still, Melisa says she has struggled to leave Chris for good. "I'm in a vicious cycle with him," she says.

VIDEO: "There were so many red flags in the beginning, but I was oblivious."

Chris admits he has lied to Melissa about "basically everything." But he says he would likely come clean a lot faster if it weren't for her "Hulk-like" temper. "If she would just sit down and say, 'Look, Chris, did you lie to me about this?' it would be, 'You know what? Yeah, I did,'" he says.

"This guy has been lying to you from day one, minute one, right?"

Melisa says one of Chris' biggest lies arrived in her email inbox.

Chris' father, Steve, says Chris has been lying since he was a child. He admits he has helped Chris financially over the years — to the frustration of his wife, Karen. She says she saw through Chris' behavior from day one.
"We always talk about 'enabling.' What it really means is rewarding bad behavior."

Why Do People Lie?


Dr. Phil gives some common reasons why people lie. And, he has an important warning for Melisa.

Can Chris really change? Is there any hope of saving this marriage? Tune in for Dr. Phil's advice!


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