Hope, 17, says three years ago, she was abducted by someone she met online and forced into sex slavery for three weeks. She says she is still struggling to cope, but her mother, Desiree, wants her to just move on. Emotions run high when this mother and daughter sit down with Dr. Phil. Can he help start the healing?

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Held as a Sex Slave

Desiree says she will never forget the day three years ago when she got into a screaming match with her then 14-year-old daughter, Hope. After that fight, Hope vented on social media. What happened next is every parent's worst nightmare.

Hope recalls, "It started because I posted on a social media site that I hated my mother. A woman messaged me back, telling me I could stay with her, and we'd go partying. She showed up within the next 45 minutes, and I was gone."

Hope says the woman took her to a motel room — and that's where a male accomplice was waiting. Hope says she was beaten, drugged and forced into sex slavery for three horrific weeks before being rescued. She says her captors took her to eight states and forced her to have sex with up to 20 men a day. "I was never going to be the same girl," Hope says.

Desiree says Hope's ordeal claimed more than just one victim. "I was a victim," she says. "During the time Hope was gone, I felt lost," she says. "It took a lot of strain on my job, my relationship with my other kids."

Desiree says she has done her best to support Hope, including financially, to make up for what Hope went through. But she says she has to take care of herself, too. "Don't we all have to save for our future?" she asks. "And if I'm constantly giving [money] out, don't you think I'm a little bit depressed? ... Don't you think I'm a little worried about me? Is that selfish?"

How does Hope say she was able to survive the kidnapping?

Dr. Phil has some questions for Desiree: "There were a couple of things you said that I find unsettling."

"You are so much more than what people have done to you, and to let that define you would be a tragedy."

Tune in to see Dr. Phil's offer of help for Hope. How can she begin to heal? And, is there any chance of fixing her relationship with her mother?

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