Sarah says she is convinced her husband of 20 years, Ed, is a liar and a cheater, and she has spent years looking for "evidence" that he has been physically unfaithful. Ed admits he has sexted with other women and that he had one emotional affair but nothing more. Will Sarah ever be able to trust Ed, and should she? She says she has started the divorce process but isn't quite ready to pull the trigger — in part, because they have two teenage sons. How has this drama affected them? And, can this marriage be saved?

Plus, Traci started smoking when she was only 14 and is now worried her 14-year-old son will follow suit. Pfizer's Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall joins Dr. Phil and Traci to discuss teen smoking.

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Broken Trust

"Ed has told me he has thought about other women, sexted [and] chatted with different women throughout our marriage," Sarah says. "I’ve never been able to prove that Ed has physically cheated on me. I’ve taken pictures of his clothes, looked in his phone at messages, his work emails, looked in his car ... He always denies it. It just makes me feel like I'm going crazy."

Woman Says She's Obsessed with Proving Her Husband is Cheating (VIDEO)

"I have never had sex with any of the women I have communicated with or touched their bodies," Ed insists. He also denies Sarah's allegations that he has posted naked photos of himself online to solicit sex. "I have given her every ounce of truth I can, many times over," he says. "She's still very much unsatisfied."

Sarah says her suspicions began in 2003, when she found an email and phone calls from another woman. Ed said it was a co-worker he had been talking to and promised he would stop. Sarah says she thinks the relationship continued — and that it became physical, despite Ed's denial.

Ed admits he once spent several hours in a hotel room with the other woman, but he insists nothing happened. "We laid in bed together, talked intimately to one another," he says. Ed admits the emotional affair continued for two-and-a-half years but says it's in the past now.

Dr. Phil looks at some of Sarah's "evidence."

Is it possible Ed is a sex addict?

"A healthy thing in a marriage is for people to engage adult to adult.
That's not happening, because you're in a parent role."

Can this marriage be saved, or is it time to walk away? Click here for Dr. Phil's advice for Ed and Sarah.


Teen Smoking

Traci says she started smoking when she was just 14 years old. Now, she is 43 and has a 14-year-old son, who she worries could start smoking, too. Still, Traci admits she continues to smoke up to two packs a day.

Pfizer's Dr. Freda Lewis Hall has important information for Traci and her son. Can Traci finally commit to quitting?

It takes the average smoker six to nine attempts before finally quitting. For resources to help, visit