According to Carie, her mother, Diane, was once a successful jewelry store owner who lived the high life in Las Vegas, but she gambled away $2.5 million and now lives in an RV. Carie also says her mother blames her for her troubles. Diane says Carie left her stranded when she needed her most, and the two haven’t spoken in more than a year. Dr. Phil brings mother and daughter together — can they make amends?

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A Mother-Daughter Feud

Carie believes her mother and stepfather got swept up in the Vegas high life and gambled away all their belongings. “They lost their jewelry store. They lost the house, the cars. They could barely make ends meet,” she says. Carie claims her mother, Diane, then mooched money off of everyone in their family but never paid it back — a claim her mother denies. “My mom’s image in the community went into the toilet,” she says. “Now, my mother is on the verge of being homeless, living in an RV.” She says she has tried to help her mother and stepfather get back on their feet but claims her mother has sabotaged her efforts. “She is expecting me to pick up the pieces for her, because she’s made all these decisions along the way. It’s not my responsibility. I’m not her parent.”

Onstage, Dr. Phil asks Carie, “Don’t all parents hope that when we get a little long in the tooth that our kids will, kind of, remember us and be there to take care of us in our old age?”

“When someone spits in your face and tells you it’s not good enough … then it gets a little ridiculous,” Carie responds. “There’s no pleasing this woman.”

Diane says she and Carie are not on speaking terms at the moment. “I’m sick and tired of the way she treats me,” Diane says. “She becomes hateful, mean, nasty, and then she turns it around and says it’s my fault.” She says she had to block Carie’s number because of the “horrible” texts Carie has sent her. “She’s just a horrible person,” she says. “She has had three strikes. She’s out.”

Diane describes her former life as a high roller. Why does she say she didn’t “lose” $2.5 million?

What does Carie claim her mother did in 2013 that she says put her family in harm’s way? And, how does Diane respond?

Carie’s mother-in-law, Jodi, joins the show and calls Diane an “opportunist who exploits situations.” She continues, “The adjectives that I would use to describe Diane are selfish, demanding and self-centered — very narcissistic.” She says she believes Diane needs to be held accountable. “She’s a moocher; and she needs to take responsibility for her actions.”

“Is it possible here that you’re trying to mother your mother, and she doesn’t want to be mothered?”

“I don’t believe, for a second, that you have the complete and utter disregard for your daughter that you say you do.”

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice to Carie and Diane. Can they move forward in forgiveness?