In a daytime exclusive, Dr. Phil sits down with Levi and Merlin, nemeses from the hit reality show Amish Mafia. Levi says his new book, Amish Confidential, lifts the lid on the often-secretive Amish community — exposing its virtues as well as its vices. What’s more, Levi says if anyone should be making money off stories about the Amish, it’s the Amish — rather than outside tourism companies.

Merlin says Levi is nothing but a “money-hungry Amish playboy,” who is exposing Amish secrets only for his own fame and fortune. Tensions flare when the men face each other on Dr. Phil’s stage. Is Levi helping or hurting the Amish community?

Merlin’s friend, Dena, says she, too, is suspicious of Levi's motives and says she believes he's not helping the plight of many Amish women. Hear the problems she says they face and what she believes needs to be done. And, after hearing Dr. Phil’s advice, will Levi and Merlin finally bury the hatchet?

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Levi defends how he spends the proceeds of his book, Amish Confidential.

Merlin explains why he has issues with Levi's book.

Dena discusses her view of the role of Amish women in her community.

Tune in: How does Levi defend the book he wrote? Does Merlin believe that certain things about the Amish are better left unspoken?

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