Thelma says her ex-daughter-in-law, Kim, was horrible to Thelma's son, Kenny, during their 16-year marriage and a terrible mother to their six children. Kim admits she has battled addiction and was not the best wife but says she loves her children — and claims Thelma is on a crusade to destroy her. Dr. Phil intervenes in this family feud — can he help broker a peace?

Plus, Carrie says she has had trouble sleeping for six years. Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer ( discusses the causes and effects of insomnia.

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Family Divided

Thelma says her ex-daughter-in-law, Kim, is an "evil" person who had ruined the lives of her son, Kenny, and her grandchildren. She says things came to a head last year, when Kenny suffered emotional difficulties and was hospitalized. Thelma  says she rushed to be with her grandchildren, because she claims Kim was nowhere to be found.

"When we went to [Kim's] house to pack up the belongings, the odor was so bad," Thelma claims. "It was disgusting, and I saw piles of laundry, animal feces everywhere." Thelma says she knew she had to step in. She filed for, and was awarded, emergency temporary custody of her grandkids.

"Once I got custody, I heard so many disturbing things from my grandchildren," Thelma says. She claims they told her Kim would stay in her room all day, walked around naked, used drugs and brought men into the house. "The children also told me she was very abusive," she says. "When I heard all these stories, my heart just ached."

Kim says Thelma is flat-out lying. "Thelma tells my kids I'm a bitch, I'm evil, I'm Satan's spawn," she says. "I didn't abandon my children. I was struggling with addiction. She had people come over, move my children. She had them put on masks before they came into the house, trying to convince them how gross it was. The house was spotless."

Kim continues, "I honestly think Thelma's whole purpose is to ruin me. I think if I were to die, she would do a happy dance on my grave ... I hate her with every ounce of my being."

"What's the truth here?"

Hear from Kirsten, Kim's oldest daughter. What does she say her mom did that humiliated her?

Kenny joins the conversation. What does he say about Kim?

Is Thelma's hatred for Kim harming her grandchildren? "Just simply take the high road," Dr. Phil says.

Should Kim be involved in her children's lives? Can Thelma and Kim put an end to the fighting? Tune in for Dr. Phil's advice!


Carrie says ever since her son was born 10 weeks premature more than six years ago, she's lucky if she gets more than four hours of sleep a night — and that's in one-hour increments! She says she's desperate to get more sleep, because her marriage and sanity are going downhill fast.
Pfizer's Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D., talks about the causes of insomnia and the health risks it can pose.

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