In 2008, Linda and Steven Riley were found brutally stabbed to death — a crime their only son, Matt, was later convicted of committing. Matt’s aunt, Angela, says her nephew is innocent — and places the blame for his conviction on his wife, Jenny. Angela and Jenny face each other for the first time since the 2011 trial, and Jenny is offered the chance to take a polygraph test — will she accept? Plus, world-renowned psychic medium John Edward returns with audience readings — and a message for Angela.

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A Family Fighting over a Double Murder

Angela says although her nephew, Matt, was found guilty in the stabbing deaths of his parents, she believes he's innocent. “There’s no way that my nephew would’ve murdered his own parents,” she says. “In my eyes, this is a gross miscarriage of justice.”

Angela places the blame for Matt’s conviction on his wife, Jenny, whom Angela hasn’t seen or spoken to since the 2011 trial. “At the preliminary hearing, Jenny told two different stories on the witness stand,” Angela says. “Initially, Jenny said Matt was home with her all night, but later she changed her story to say he wasn’t.” She continues, “I believe that Jenny began to lie because she felt like the police weren’t satisfied with what she said, and she kept revising the story until she came up with one that they were happy with.”

Jenny admits she changed her story after initially being questioned by police, but she says she has no doubt her husband is guilty of murdering his parents.

Before facing Angela, Jenny explains what she says happened the night of the murders. Why did she admittedly lie in court?

Angela’s brother, Greg, discusses what he calls key blood samples taken from the crime scene. And, Jenny is offered a chance to take a polygraph test.

Will Jenny go through with the polygraph? Tune in to see what happens after the show!

Plus, psychic medium John Edward returns and performs readings on Dr. Phil and audience members — and then zeroes in on Angela!

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