Beth claims she grew up in a “house of horrors” filled with unbelievable acts of abuse and neglect, allegedly at the hands of her mother, Cecilia. Beth claims she was kicked and spit on and locked in a room and starved — all of which Cecilia denies — and she says she prayed every night for a way to escape. Beth, now 22 and a mother herself, claims her mother is still trying to hurt her by spreading rumors about her, harassing her online and reporting her to CPS. Cecilia denies the allegations and claims Beth is a master manipulator who loves to play the victim. Dr. Phil brings this mother and daughter together for the first time in two years. Who is telling the truth? Can Beth and Cecilia stop the finger-pointing and begin the healing?

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Abusive and Neglectful Childhood?

“My childhood was like living in a house of horrors,” Beth says. “My mom would take a belt and soak it in hot water, and then she would have us take our clothes off and then she would start whipping us with a belt. She would make us say, ‘Thank you, Mother, may I have another?’ She would put socks in our mouth when we would start screaming and crying, so it would muffle the sound of our cries.”

Beth claims her mother slapped her, choked her, spit on her and locked her and her brother in a room with no food or water and with no place to go to the bathroom. “If [we] ever talked back to my mom, she would give us spoonfuls of hot sauce, and not allow us to have any water," Beth says. "I would literally sneak to the bathroom, and I would drink water from the toilet like a dog.”

Beth says she made calls to CPS to report her mother, but says “nothing ever happened because she’s very manipulative.” Beth says she just wants closure on her pain. 

Cecilia denies Beth's extreme abuse allegations. My daughter Elizabeth is a master manipulator. She can cry at the drop of a hat. I call her the Queen of Crocodile Tears,” she says. Cecilia says Beth has an anger problem. “My daughter’s a rage-aholic,” she says. “She just becomes a monster. It’s scary. I used to lock my door at night because I used to think, is she going to come in here and stab me?” Cecilia says she questioned whether Beth had deep psychological issues.

Cecilia has a few choice words for her daughter. Dr. Phil asks, "What kind of parenting is that?"

Dr. Phil examines a text exchange between Beth and Cecilia, who says, “I don’t regret writing that.”

Tune in to find out why Beth's sister, Tiffany, defends their mother. 


“This is so beyond a sick family dysfunction, I can’t even tell you.”

Tune in to see Dr. Phil’s offer of help for this whole family. Can they heal the pain from their past and find peace for moving forward?

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