In a daytime exclusive, Dr. Phil sits down with Kathy Rowe, a former San Diego “Mother of the Year,” who pleaded guilty in November to stalking a young couple after they outbid her on her dream home. Kathy admits that for nearly a year, she engaged in a campaign to annoy and embarrass the couple — which ranged from sending them junk mail and adult diapers to posing as the wife online and posting ads soliciting men to show up at the house for sex.

As part of the plea deal, several other felony and misdemeanor charges were dropped, and Kathy was sentenced to a year of electronic home monitoring and five years’ probation. Kathy takes Dr. Phil inside her world and reveals what she claims pushed her over the edge. How does she explain her actions?

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Dream Home Lost

In 2011, Kathy Rowe says she fell in love with a home in Carmel Valley, an upscale community in San Diego. It had everything she wanted — space, a single story and a sparkling pool. She says the layout of the house was especially important, because her daughter has Williams Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder, and her husband has medical issues stemming from a heart attack in 2010.

But Kathy's dream home was also someone else's, and she was outbid by a young couple. The story didn't end there, though. Instead, it was the beginning of a nightmare for a couple who thought they were getting a fairytale home.

"Why couldn't you just find another house?"

"At the time, what I would say to myself was, 'Wouldn't it be funny to do this?'"

Dr. Phil asks Kathy about an ad she posted online for a "Carmel Valley Freak Show."

Tune in: How does Kathy explain the online ads? One man showed up at the couple's front door — does Kathy think she went too far?

Plus, Kathy's psychologist weighs in — what does she say about Kathy's state of mind?

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