Tanya claims her soon-to-be ex-husband, Winston, is a “master manipulator” who used his status as an upstanding Christian professor at a prestigious university to violate her emotionally and financially. Winston says it was Tanya who misrepresented herself during their whirlwind, four-month courtship — and he says she’s a "gold digger." Tensions run high as the estranged couple face each other on Dr. Phil’s stage — along with two other women who claim Winston also lied to them: His self-proclaimed former fiancée, Julie, and his ex-wife, Kelly. Was Winston engaged to Julie while dating Tanya?
Plus, Winston accuses Tanya of hiding a secret from her past and causing him to lose his job — how does she respond? Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s advice for Winston and the three women. Is Winston an imposter, like the women claim — or are they just seeking revenge? And, can everyone move past the accusations and name-calling and reach a truce?

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Winston faces Tanya, whom he calls “a gold-digging man-eater.”

“Did you give [Tanya] the ring you bought for Julie?”

How does Tanya answer to Winston's claims that she hid her so-called controversial past from him?

Tune in to see what happens when Winston is confronted by two more women from his past who say he lied to them — Julie and Kelly. Is there any hope for peace?


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