Find out what happened to some of Dr. Phil's most memorable guests after they left the show.

April (left) appeared on "Competitive Parents" because she screamed at her daughter during softball games. Chrystel appeared on "Moms on the Verge" after becoming afraid that she could harm her daughter.



Update: See how April is doing today.


Update: Has Chrystel changed? 


On "Divided by Race," Allison (left) said that growing up biracial left her feeling lonely and confused. On "Ask Dr. Phil," Michelle complained that her husband Rickey (right) was more interested in his muscles than his marriage.



Update: Is Allison at peace with herself?
Update: How are Rickey and Michelle now? 


Kelly said her husband Todd was a cell phone-aholic and hoped that Dr. Phil could help her "Take It Away." Has Todd put his excessive calls on hold and started paying attention to his wife and kids?


Update: See how Todd has changed.


On a show about "Surviving the First Year of Marriage," Ande was considering divorcing Bob (left) because of his golf obsession. Sandi's marriage to Rob (right) was strained because he refused to get rid of his beloved cats.



Update: Are these couples still married?



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