In a dramatic two-part episode, Lisa accuses her father, Carl, of “stealing” an inheritance she believes was intended to go to her and her sisters — an allegation Carl denies and that has left the family at odds. Lisa and her mother, Kathy, say they believe Carl might have tampered with his mother’s will so he could inherit all of her money, which he vehemently denies. Lisa’s sister, April, supports her father, while two other siblings, Jennifer and Ciera, say they feel caught in the middle — and they want the fighting to end. Dr. Phil brings everyone together in search of a peaceful resolution. How does Carl explain the way his mother’s money was divided? And, did he sell Lisa a possession she claims her grandmother had promised her?

Plus, Lisa believes her father is throwing away his money on a Russian mail-order bride — has he fallen victim to a love scammer?

Don’t miss Part 2 tomorrow, when Carl explains why he flat-out refuses to attend Lisa’s upcoming wedding. Can this father and daughter find forgiveness and bring an end to this family feud?

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A Family Feud

Lisa says she believes her grandmother, who died about five years ago, intended to leave money to her and her three sisters, April, Jennifer and Ciera. “I know my grandma; and I know she would never want to leave us with nothing,” she says. “I would not put it past my dad that there was a sum of money to be given to us, and he just kept it for himself.”

Kathy, who supports her daughter, Lisa, says she once saw a copy of a will in which “Carl would get 75 percent of the estate, and our daughters would inherit the remaining 25 percent."

April supports her father and says, “I think that my sister, Lisa, and my mother are trying to make my dad look like he’s greedy and self-serving.” She continues, “In reality, it’s his inheritance.”

Carl denies stealing his daughters’ inheritance and says Kathy is “a 160-pound mosquito” who needs to butt out of his business. “I don’t like her interfering in something that does not have anything to do with her,” he says. “We’ve been divorced 14 years. N-O-Y-B (none of your business).”

Regarding his mother’s will, he says, “I want people to stop talking about it … I inherited it. They can wait until I croak, and they get theirs.”

How does Carl explain changes made to his mother’s will before she died?

Lisa claims her father tried to charge her $150 for a mirror that she says her grandmother promised to her before she died. How does Carl respond?

How does April feel about the mirror situation?

Carl describes his online Russian love interest, “Natalie,” whom he has yet to meet in person — despite several attempts. 

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil’s thoughts on Carl’s online relationship. Is this a love scam? Plus, don’t miss Part 2 tomorrow — why is Carl boycotting Lisa's upcoming wedding?

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