Betty says her life was turned upside down two years ago when her husband of 23 years, Bill, was falsely accused of molesting their then 5-year-old grandson — whom Bill can be heard calling “sexy butt” on home video. Betty claims the boy’s step-grandmother, Cindy, is jealous of her and Bill’s relationship and, out of revenge, coached the child to say Bill touched him inappropriately — all of which Cindy denies. Although Bill insists he is innocent, he ultimately agreed to plead no contest to two counts of felony child abuse and is now a registered child abuser. Dr. Phil sits down with Betty and Cindy in search of answers. Why does Cindy say she had no choice but to report the alleged abuse to authorities?

Plus, see the video that Betty believes may have been “the nail in Bill’s coffin,” although she insists it is not even remotely incriminating. Was Bill falsely accused?

Don’t miss Part 2 tomorrow, when Bill speaks out — and offers to take a polygraph test. What will the results reveal?

This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised

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Why does Betty believe Cindy is out to get her and Bill?

“I have very seldom, if ever, seen people take pleas when they didn’t have culpability.”

“Do you think it’s odd for a grown man to say that a child has a 'sexy butt'?”

Cindy’s Point of View

Cindy recalls the day she says her step-grandson made a shocking revelation. “He said, ‘Grandma, I have to tell you a secret.’ He said, ‘[Bill] touches me, and I don’t like it,’” Cindy says. When she asked the boy "where," Cindy says, “He pointed to right between his legs.” She says she then held her step-grandson and cried.

“I was sickened. I was furious. I was scared for him,” Cindy says. “I asked my grandson why he had never said anything to anyone before, and he said, ‘Because [Bill] kept saying we’re special buddies, and if anyone found out, we wouldn’t be allowed to see each other anymore.’” She says the next day, she contacted police and Child Protective Services.

Betty says, “It’s absolutely all lies. Cindy made this all up.”

Cindy says she’s disgusted that Betty is taking Bill’s side. “The part that infuriates me the most is that they’re trying to make people believe that my grandson was lying and that I put these lies in his head,” she says. “Bill was molesting my grandchild, and I know that Betty was condoning it.”

Betty and Cindy face each other.

Tune in to hear from the boy's mother, Sasha, whom Bill raised as his own. Why does she say she's convinced her stepfather molested her son?

Plus, Bill speaks out tomorrow and offers to take a polygraph test in an effort to clear his name. Don't miss the results!