Angel says her life was turned upside down when her sister, Amber, had an affair with Brian — Angel’s then-boyfriend and father of their two children — and became pregnant. Tension runs high when Angel faces Amber, who is now married to Brian with two children and another on the way. Can they make amends?

Plus, Dr. Phil helps best friends Megan and Jenn, who admit their self-esteem is tied up in their appearance.

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Bitter Family Feud

Angel says she felt deeply betrayed when she found out her sister, Amber, had an affair with Brian, Angel's then-boyfriend and father of her two children. “Your family is supposed to be the one thing you can depend on in your time of need. You’re supposed to be able to trust that they will be there for you, no matter what,” she says. “While I was trusting her to be there for me, she was helping herself to my future.”

Angel says Amber still has not properly apologized for what happened. “Why would I want someone in my life that has no heart and has no soul?”

Amber admits she made a mistake seven years ago but thinks it’s time her sister moved on. “Brian and I were sleeping together for about a year before I got pregnant,” she recalls. “I didn’t think of it as long-term, but then I got pregnant.” Amber says once Angel found out, she began leaving Amber threatening voicemails — and the two haven’t been on good terms since.

"This is your sister’s man, and you started sleeping with him.”

“What do you expect her to feel?”

Hear from Angel and Amber’s mother, Sandra — how does she feel about the family feud?

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice — can Angel forgive her sister and move forward in peace? And, where is Brian?

“I Wish I Was as Pretty as My BFF”

Jenn says she constantly compares herself to other women in the room, especially her best friend of 15 years, Megan. “I’m jealous. I feel like she’s just way prettier,” she says. “Just me — raw, bare, no hair done, no makeup — I don’t think I’m pretty.” She continues, “I’m afraid of people not loving me, or that one day there’s going to be that cuter girl.”

Megan says Jenn is her own worst critic. “I look at it more as a competition,” she says, admitting that she recently lost 70 pounds and prides herself on looking good. “I feel like I’m not as worthy or respectable enough, if I don’t carry myself well,” she says. “I feel like I’m worth more.”

“If your body image and self-image are tied together, you’re making a serious, serious mistake.”

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