Gary says he was floored when his nephew Zach, whom he’s been raising since he was a few days old and considers a son, revealed a desire to “become a woman” and identifies as transgender, using the name Steph. Gary says he cannot accept Steph and feels being transgender is wrong, and he blames himself for what he believes is a sickness.
But there is another family member that also admits to being just as shocked by this revelation — Zach’s wife Becky, who says she has sacrificed everything to try to make her marriage work since finding out about her husband’s desire to transition last year.
Steph says she finally is able to be the individual she was born to be, and refuses to allow her wife or family to keep her from embracing her true self. How will Gary react to seeing Steph for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage? Don't miss the emotional moment!
Plus, don’t miss the shocking way Becky found out her husband was transgender. And, Kristin Beck, the first openly transgender former Navy Seal takes the stage, and sits face to face with Gary for a powerful conversation.

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