Karina and her six sisters claim their father, Maurice, has conned and stolen nearly $2 million from friends, family, and strangers to give to his former mistress, Josefina, who insists he is her only hope to keep her from dying from numerous medical conditions. 
Maurice admits to stealing money, including $200,000 from his own daughter, because he believes Josefina, who lives in Mexico, has been gravely ill — needing two lung transplants and battling seven bouts of brain cancer. But is Josefina really in trouble or has Maurice become a victim of an elaborate international scam?
See what happens when Dr. Phil asks Maurice to call Josefina during the show. It's a can't miss Dr. Phil!

The Shocking Reason Sisters Say Their Dad Has Stolen From Them
Father Of 7 Explains Sending Money To Mistress In Mexico For Supposed Lung Transplant
Woman Says Husband’s Double Life Has ‘Torn Apart My Family’
Dr. Pat Basu, Chief Medical Officer, Doctor On Demand, Weighs In On Josefina’s Reported Medical Claims

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