Shelbie’s mother, Carie Zapletal, went missing more than a year ago, and she says she believes her stepfather, Ed, and possibly his daughter, Lauren, had something to do with her disappearance. However, both Ed and Lauren deny the accusation. Ed claims Carie was a drunk who spiraled out of control, using drugs and attempting suicide in the weeks before her disappearance and left their home voluntarily. In addition, Ed says he was physically incapable of harming anyone the night of Carie’s disappearance because he suffered a debilitating stroke less than two months prior to her disappearance.

Dr. Phil tries to get to the bottom of why a 48-year-old woman left her house in December without a coat, phone, wallet or car and hasn’t been heard from since!

Don't miss Part 2 tomorrow, when Ed’s daughter Lauren reveals what she says happened the night Carie went missing. Will it crack the case wide open?

If you have information regarding the whereabouts of Carie Zapletal, contact Memphis Police at (901) 545-2677.

Woman Accuses Stepfather In Mother’s Disappearance
Man Denies Involvement In Wife’s Disappearance, ‘Convinced She’s Still Alive’ 

Husband Claims He and Wife Made Suicide Pact Before She Disappeared

Living Off the Grid, Or The Victim of Foul Play?

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