Dr. Phil continues his conversations with Shelbie, who says she believes her stepfather, Ed, and possibly his daughter, were involved in the disappearance of her mother, Carie Zapletal -- both deny the accusation. 

Lauren, reveals what she says happened the night her stepmother went missing. Does it crack the case wide open?

Ed claims his wife was a substance abuser who has been seen around town multiple times since her disappearance. He says he believes she is alive and will return home soon.

Shelbie says most of Ed’s leads are lies and wild goose chases. She says she just wants Ed to tell the truth about her mom's disappearance.

Carie’s good friend, Courtney, claims Ed and Carie had a history of arguments and describes the times she claims she sheltered Carie after her fights with Ed. 

Tune in to hear from Courtney, who says Carie was like a second mom to her. Why does she say she doesn't trust Ed? 

If you have any information regarding Carie Zapletal, please call the Memphis Police Department: (901) 545-2677.

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UPDATE: Watch what happens after the show!

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