Jordan says he is afraid his mom, Deanna's, husband could drain his family’s inheritance. Deanna married James in Nigeria six years ago after meeting him abroad. Deanna says there is absolutely no way her husband is only with her for the money and adds that they met face to face! Deanna admits to spending close to $500,000 on her relationship with James between travel, entertainment and legal fees in her attempts to get James into Canada. Jordan says his mom is making a huge mistake in continuing her marriage to James, whom he admits he has yet to meet face to face.
Deanna’s brother, Dale, says Deanna gets defensive anytime someone questions her relationship. Dale says he fears that James could even have another family he’s supporting with his sister’s money!
Can Dr. Phil get to the bottom of a six-year dispute? Has Deanna finally found her soulmate, or has her perfect catch turned out to be a mistake?  

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Tune in to hear from Deanna's husband, James! What does he have to say about his marriage?



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