Laurie and Kirk Sr. say they fear for their son, Kirk II, who is battling stage 4 liver cancer. They claim when Star, the woman who once left their son at the altar, heard he had only six months to live, she ran — not walked — him down the aisle and has since cheated on him more than once. They say she is abusive and violent — and they suspect she's only after his life insurance policy — which Star vehemently denies.
Star admits she has cheated on Kirk II twice but says she loves him and is tired of having his family point the finger at her.
The family comes together on Dr. Phil's stage — marking the first time the parents have seen their son in several months. Kirk II says he is tired of being caught in the middle of the tug-of-war and thinks Star is worth fighting for — does she feel the same about him? Can this marriage be fixed before it's too late?

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