Negotiating is part of life — so why do so many women hate it? Dr. Phil tells you how to get what you want without spending more than you want.

Negotiating Blues
Last season, Dr. Phil worked with Claire to improve her bargaining skills. Now he puts her to the test when hidden cameras follow Claire to the jeweler.

See if Claire can make a deal.

"Riches to Rags"
Stephanie and Rick moved their family to Las Vegas for a "job of a lifetime" that turned out to be anything but that. Stephanie wants to move, but says Rick refuses to negotiate with her.

Why aren't Stephanie's negotiating tactics working?

First Time Fears
Elizabeth is a first-time homebuyer who seems to be breaking every negotiating rule. Dr. Phil tells her how to prevent making common mistakes so she can get the best price for her new home. 

Uncover Elizabeth's mistakes and find out how to fix them.