Reeve, 20, says she is engaged to marry the man of her dreams, 30-year-old David, but Reeve’s father, Kim, and sister, Riley, say they fear Reeve could be making the biggest and possibly deadliest mistake of her life. They say in December 2014, Reeve told them that David had hit, choked and pushed her into the refrigerator, so Kim drove six hours to “rescue” his daughter and bring her home — where she stayed for eight months. Kim and Riley say during that time, Reeve confided in them that David had been abusive during the time she lived with him in another state. But two weeks ago, Reeve went back to David. She has also recanted her allegations of abuse, saying she exaggerated the whole thing and that, in part, she “deserved it.”
Now Reeve has little to no contact with her family, and she and David say they are considering having a baby. Why has Reeve stayed with David and stayed away from her own family?
Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin McGraw, joins the conversation to show Reeve and David classic examples of abuse. Will Reeve listen? Do Kim and Riley believe David has changed? Don’t miss Dr. Phil and Robin’s offer to Reeve — and invaluable information and resources for people everywhere who may find themselves in abusive relationships.

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Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's offer of help and advice for this couple. Does he believe Reeve and David should stay together?

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