Tammy claims her husband, Richard, is obsessed with social media and sexting with women in secret online groups. Richard says if Tammy paid him more attention, he wouldn't have to look elsewhere.
Richard has five social media pages, but his wife and their grown daughters say one in particular makes them sick to their stomachs. Tammy says Richard publicly posts sexually explicit pictures and comments on his "uncensored" page for all their friends and family to see.

According to his daughters, Richard also has sent inappropriate messages to their friends. Richard’s daughters say they are devastated that their father has become the "creepy old man" who makes them and their friends feel uncomfortable.

Can Richard log out of social media long enough to repair his family, or is it too late?

Plus, Pfizer's Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D., explains the possible risks of not taking your medications as prescribed.

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Psychology on Non-Adherence
Ron says he is concerned about his ex-wife — and current fiancé — Linda, who has Rheumatoid arthritis but doesn't always take all of her prescription medicine. Linda says, "I just don't like to pollute my body. I prefer natural medicines."
In the video below, Pfizer's Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D., explains why it's important to educate yourself on your diagnosis and make an effort to understand the recommended course of treatment.

For tips on taking medication as directed, and more tips on how to have a dialogue with your health care team, visit GetHealthyStayHealthy.com.