In a Dr. Phil exclusive, eight siblings speak out for the first time about the years of torture they endured at the hands of their own father.
In 1999, Mansa Musa Muhummed was convicted of committing some of the most extreme acts of child abuse in the history of California. Muhummed, a polygamist, trapped and terrorized his 13 children, three “wives” and their other children. He was finally arrested when one “wife”, Laura, snuck a letter to a postal worker who alerted the authorities.
Now, Laura is a domestic abuse advocate. But several of Muhummed’s children claim that Laura has lied and/or exaggerated for years in the media about being a victim, when they say they believe she was partly responsible for their abuse!
Laura has not seen Muhummed’s children in 16 years and wonders if they want a relationship with their half-sibling, her daughter, who she claims was born after she was raped by Muhummed. What will happen when the siblings come face to face with their father’s former spiritual wife for the first time in years? And will the half-siblings come together?
This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised

Eight Siblings Who Survived Notorious Child Abuse Case Describe The Hell They Endured For Decades

Siblings Tortured and Abused by Father Confront His Former “Spiritual Wife”
Half-Siblings of Convicted Child Abuser Meet for the First Time


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