Julia, a marketing entrepreneur, says when she created the Peeple app, which allows people to be reviewed, the social media buzz wasn’t what she bargained for. Julia says once word got out, hate mail, death threats and criticism came flooding in. She's turning to Dr. Phil to help her set the record straight for what she calls her “positivity app.”
Then, 20-year-old Tracey says she thrives on the negative attention she gets on social media, and wants to know why. And, Anitha, 22, one of Tracey's social media followers, says even though she’s never met Tracey, she's concerned about the poor choices she sees her virtual friend making!
Can Dr. Phil and Anitha show Tracey the value of her worth? 

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#DrPhilUncensored: "In this life, when you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences."