Serena says she’s begged her mother, Debbie, to fight the urge of her gambling addiction before she loses her home and possibly, she fears, custody of her teenage son! Serena says she believes her mother’s addiction began years ago, after Debbie lost her 2-year-old son to cancer, and numbed her pain by going to the casinos.
Debbie admits she can’t control the pull of the slot machines and that over the last 20 years, she’s gambled away up to $400,000. She confides that she’s always blamed herself for her toddler’s death, and says she’s now terrified she’ll lose her teenage son if she can’t afford to take care of him.
Can Dr. Phil help Debbie curb her gambling addiction before her daughter gives up and walks away — and she loses everything?
Also, an update on Ryan, the so-called millionaire-turned-“moocher” who was sleeping in his parents' garage! Find out what’s happened since he first appeared on Dr. Phil!

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Update: Is This 37-Year-Old Still Living in His Parents' Garage with His Girlfriend?
When Ryan appeared on the show earlier this year, he was living with his girlfriend in his parents' garage. The 37-year-old, who was once making millions, said his mom and dad were partly to blame for his situation. Dr. Phil told his parents they needed to take back their house — and their lives! Did they follow his advice? And, has Ryan stepped up and taken responsibility for his life?


Tune in: Will Ryan take the help Dr. Phil offers?



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