Bill and Marlena say their daughter Courtney was a beautiful child and model who, after the events of 9/11, decided to join the military. While serving in Iraq, Courtney was blown from a 40-foot wall and suffered major injuries, which required reconstructive surgery. Courtney says that’s when she became addicted to pain pills. She says when her prescription ran out, she turned to something stronger and more easily obtainable — heroin. Courtney says she uses heroin to help treat her PTSD and to help numb the pain, including of enduring numerous sexual abuse-related traumas over the years.
Bill claims that his ex-wife, Marlena, enables Courtney, and that’s why their daughter can’t stay clean. But Marlena says she can’t turn her back on Courtney, like Bill has — an accusation that Bill denies — and admits that she’s even driven Courtney to get drugs.
Can Bill and Marlene put their own issues aside and become the united front Courtney needs? Is Courtney ready to face her demons and reveal the secrets she’s been holding inside? And, are Bill and Marlena prepared hear what she has to say? Tune in to this emotional Dr. Phil.

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Tune in: Is Courtney ready to get the help she needs?




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