Leslie claims her ex-husband, Andy, is controlling, abusive and narcissistic, and she desperately hopes one day to have joint custody of their 5-year-old son. She says Andy stalks her by tapping her phone, tracking her car with GPS, and even that his family is spying on her from the trees.
Andy has primary custody of their son and says that’s the way it should be — he adamantly denies Leslie’s claims and says she is delusional, a liar, and can’t be trusted with their boy. He says their seven-year marriage ended because of Leslie’s drug relapses and paranoia, and that he once crawled around the ground with a flashlight looking for “people who were stalking her.” Leslie admits that she has a criminal record stemming from problems with substance abuse, but says that’s all in the past.
Leslie’s mother, Myrna, says she knew Andy was “bad news from day one,” and claims Andy is a control freak who uses her grandson to get what he wants. But Myrna admits that her relationship with Leslie is difficult, and that they fought as recently as the night before appearing on the show.
Don’t miss this emotional showdown as Dr. Phil gets to the core of this family’s problems and what’s best for the 5-year-old boy stuck in the middle.
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Tune in: Is there any hope for this couple to co-parent in peace? Dr. Phil has advice for moving forward without their child getting stuck in the middle.

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