Marilyn says she’s fed up with her son-in-law Adam, who she calls “irresponsible,” “hot-tempered,” “verbally-abusive,” “entitled,” and a “cheater.” She says she’s tired of what she calls Adam’s disrespectful attitude toward her and her daughter, Miranda, and claims that his reckless spending and inability to take care of his family make him a “poor excuse for a husband.” With Miranda and her four children living under her roof, Marilyn claims she’s constantly bailing Miranda and Adam out of financial hardship while Adam continues to spend money on cars, motorcycles, tattoos, guns and other “toys.” But are her accusations founded?

Adam strongly denies Marilyn’s claims, says he’s a good dad and provider for his family. He says he’s tired of being judged and wants Marilyn to mind her own business. But with Adam currently banned from Marilyn’s house, how does Miranda feel? Find out if Dr. Phil can help heal this fractured family.

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Tune in to see if this mother-in-law and son-in-law can make amends.




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