Amber, aka “Jewel,” Shuping made international headlines when she intentionally made herself blind by putting drain cleaner into her eyes. Jewel says that ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of being blind, claiming to live with Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a disorder which causes an otherwise healthy person to feel that he or she is meant to be disabled.

Jewel says she hated opening her eyes every day, and as a teen, oftentimes pretended to be blind, even walking with a white cane for as long as two weeks straight. She says that living with sight, to her, felt like living in a personal prison. She claims that seven years ago, she had liquid drain cleaner put into both of her eyes.

In a Dr. Phil daytime exclusive, hear why Jewel says she felt she had no choice but to take her vision. Then, Dr. Michael First, who coined the term, Body Integrity Identity Disorder, and Dr. Travis Stork, host of The Doctors, weigh in!

Why Woman Who Put Drain Cleaner In Her Eyes Wanted To Be Blind
Tune in to find out if Jewel regrets her life-changing decision. And, if she had the opportunity to regain her eyesight, would she take it?

Dr. Travis Stork, Host Of The Doctors, Weighs In
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